The Artist

Lynn Hatfield lives in Ventura, CA, with her husband and three cats.  She has always been an artist in one form or another, working with fiber, leather, metal, glass, mixed media, and found items.  She surrounds herself with inspiration from nature, including but not limited to: fossils, skulls, feathers, bones, insects, and interesting rocks.  Her collection also includes vintage tech: cameras, typewriters, apothecary bottles, and too many tchotchkes to count.  Her favorite piece is a Japanese Gyotaku (fish print) of a sturgeon that hangs over her mantle.  If it has an interesting story, it’s in.  Especially if it has an interesting story.

One day, a strange wind blew in from the north and she took an interest in copper.  Copper has an interesting story and the more she worked with it, the more fascinated she became.  After a period of exploration and experimentation, she began to follow a path leading to the art you see today. 

She’s taught both etching and fold-forming to classes ranging in age from seven to seventy, learning from and sharing her love for this ancient and organic metal with everyone who will listen.

Her work was featured in the 2016 LACMA exhibit, Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters alongside such giants as Mike Mignola, Wayne Barlowe, and H.R. Giger.