Spring 2012 Recap

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“Be humble, for you are made of Earth.  Be noble, for you are made of Stars.”  ~Serbian Proverb

Saturday, May 19th, was my second time vending at the Bats Day Black Market.  This time was slightly different than the Holiday Black Market, as people come from all over the country for the Big Day at Disneyland, and wow, what an amazing time we had!

First and foremost, my eternal gratitude to Lady Elizabeth of Stir The Embers, my muse-with-a-switch.  She keeps me pointed in the right direction, which is forward.  She also prevents me from committing murder, but that’s a story for another time. Second, my hearty thanks to Noah K who is the man who makes things happen.  Seriously, in my half year of going to shows as a vendor, and my years of attending cons as a patron, Bats Day has again proven to be the least painful, most successful event, and I think that’s in no short part due to the team who puts it together.  There were so many amazing vendors this time.  Let me list a few of my favourites.  (I apologise for not having pictures.  Next time, I’ll do better.)

Abbybelle – Fantastic, whimsical paper clay sculptures that brought me right back to my Nightmare Before Christmas days, all handmade and all adorable.

MiyuDecay – When it comes to exquisitely rendered works of craftsmanship and design, this artist sets the bar.  Also, so delightfully and elegantly creepy.

Sleek And Destroy – Talk about eye-catching.  The dinosaur skeleton inspired jewelry is only a few of their simple, bold designs.  But if you’re looking for something fun, definitely check them out.

Confounding Confections – “Boiled Sweets for Singers of Shanties and Perusers of Tomes” — Geeky and absolutely inspired handmade, gourmet hard candies.

And finally, one of my absolute favourites (and genuinely good, kind, awesome people:  Pillbox Designs – Dark & Whimsical cut vinyl art.  People, I give you TENTACLES.  Wall tentacles.  Bookmark it for the Lovecraftian in your life.

All in all, it was a fantastic event.  Easy in, easy out.  Fantastic shoppers, and so many interesting people.  I can’t wait to go back in November.


May and June also brought me a unique opportunity to participate in The Shadow Project, a month-long gallery event sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.  The show had 10,000 square feet of donated retail space to fill, so they decided to do an experiment.  Two jurors were each invited to select art from the submitted works, and each had cash prizes to award.  But the show decided to hang every piece that was submitted to the show.  Now, I am humbled to admit that I was accepted by neither juror for their show.  But with 435 pieces to choose from, I am not at all surprised.  There were some stunning pieces in the show, from oils and acrylics, to bronzes and hand-turned woodwork.  There were even fiber pieces, including a card-woven piece, and a juror selected shawl.

The good news is actually something much smaller and more important, to me at least.  Of the 435 pieces that were displayed, only 29 sold.  And mine was one of those 29.  (And in the last five minutes of the show, believe it or not.)  I was beyond thrilled.

Now the pragmatist part of my brain says, “That didn’t even cover your gas money for that event, much less your entry fees.”  But I don’t give a damn.  I showed up, and someone was glad that I did.  I’m counting that as a WIN.


Next up on the list of interesting happenings, I’m going to be checking out the local goth/steampunk venue, Saturday, May 9th, at Pangaea in Ventura, CA.  And June 15-17th, I’m teaching two classes (Intro to Galvanic Etched Copper & Intro to Copper Fold Forming) at the Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Retreat.  It’s oblique to copper, but fiber arts will always hold a special place in my heart.  They taught me a great many things, including focus and the will to screw something up beyond recognition in order to get what’s in your head into your hands.  If you’re interested in attending, there may still be day tripper slots available.  Check the website for more information.