First Storm of the Season

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Echeveria (Succulent)

The first storm of the season arrived late last night, bringing with it a half inch of rain and a cold wind.  It feels like autumn is here, which is odd, because the garden doesn’t really seem to know that summer is over.  The lemon verbena trees are in full bloom, and the cilantro and Thai basil are about to throw up some colour.  My lavender is still budding, which keeps all sorts of winged creatures happy, monarch butterflies and hummingbirds alike. We have a long growing season here in Ventura, but the garden still goes through cycles.  Cycles are natural, normal things.  The only thing that’s consistent is change.  I try to take my beauty in the moment.


Progress on the work proceeds apace.  Today I started a new set of pendants, and returned to an old favourite, hammered copper.  Fold forming is an interesting technique that I can’t wait to marry with the etching.  I’m experimenting with different resists, one being a nail polish pen.  It remains to be seen whether or not the freehand designs will stick to the metal while it’s in the drink.

I love working copper.  It feels like a living thing in my hands.  I hate to wear gloves while I’m sanding, but if I’m going to do this long term, I need to be cognizant of the health risks, and so, gloves.  But once the piece is polished, from 1000 to 1500 to 2500 grit, I love to feel the finished surface.  It has a warmth and a malleability that seems like magic.  I imagine this is how woodworkers feel when they’re done, and you see them lovingly caressing the surface of the table or cabinet they’ve made.  Kinda creepy, but understandable.

Hammered Copper Discs (click to embiggen)

In the last pic on here, you can see the different stages that these discs are in, from just finished hammering, to half-polished, to high shine. (Click on the image to get a closer look.)  They’re not quite done yet. Patina and sealant to come, and then a setting, which I still haven’t decided on yet.  Here’s hoping the muse is kind tomorrow.