Don’t Break The Chain

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So I was reading about on some motivational site yesterday, and I thought, “Hey.  Two days is a chain, right? Right?”  Hell, yeah, two days is a chain.

So here’s today’s bounty.  Ten antique key necklaces, two pairs of steampunk earrings, and a steampunk necklace to match.  Take that, Mister Chain.

These are all antique, possibly 100+ year old skeleton keys, with their original patina.  Yes, that means rust and dirt.  And for the more beloved among them, that little mystical shine that comes from using a treasured object hundreds, if not thousands of time.  I think one of the reasons the steampunk aesthetic appeals to me is that you will never see someone swooning over the patina of age on a smartphone.  It’s whole design is based on looking someone has never touched it at all.  But these keys, they’re like talismans of a bygone era, a world where chests and cabinets hid all sorts of wonderful secrets.  I have a serious weakness for keys, it’s true.  (These will be listed on the shop in the coming days.)


In that batch of keys, I found a rare thing.  Two keys that matched, and that were small enough they could be used as earrings.  Better yet, they’re shaped like little hearts. Time to get out the beading trays and see what I have that could go with them.   Inspiration is sometimes just that simple.  Available in the shop.


I also played around with some other configurations of these little garnet glass leaves, and came up with another idea.   It can be quite complicated making something look simple.  It took me a few times before I found what I was looking for, with just enough transparency to make those little red leaves look like beetle wings catching the sun.  And again with the bleeding clockwork.  Sounds like I should do a line or something.  Hmm.  ~ponders~ (Also, available in the shop).


A line.  Yeah, a line of…  three.  Yeah, if two days is a chain, then by Gods, three points is a line.  So in amongst the keys I bought at the flea market, I found this one especially wonderful little piece.  It’s brass, but it has this wonderful copper patina to it.  It stands out in amongst the steel and iron keys.  It wants to be noticed.

A little backstory: When I was in college, I spent my summers working for Physical Plant (that’s Maintenance in the rest of the world).  It’s an interesting job, especially when you get free reign of a campus that was built in the 1920’s, and your boss hands you a ring of keys so you can get into any building that has a work order on it.  The summer of 1990, I believe it was, the President’s House stood empty, and in preparation for its next occupant, we were in and out of the place all summer long.  This place was so old, it still had push button switches, and the electrical wiring was the original porcelain and cloth-wrapped copper.  Anyway, I digress.  This place was old enough, the ring of master keys for the place was mostly skeleton keys.  And if my guess is correct, this key is probably for a wardrobe or a bookcase.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

I spent the majority of the afternoon working on this one, trying to find the right balance of colour and movement.  It was worth it.  I am very pleased with the result.  (Also, available in the shop.)

Anyway, that was my day today. I added a few more pieces to the shop, not listed here.  More copper etching forthcoming.  I’m still struggling with finding the right lighting and the right angle to photograph the plates.  This problem, it vexes me.  But as I’m going to have Bat’s Day Holiday Black Market traffic here soon, it’s one I really need to find a solution to.